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Exploring Fairway Farm Country Club

A few years back, some friends and I had the opportunity to go poke around an old golf course in San Augustine, Fairway Farm Counter Club. It only took me three years, but I finally got it edited.

Looking back, I’m a little embarrassed by our dumb jokes, silly commentary, and poor videography. However, I still really like this video. I love exploring old abandoned places and this definitely fits the bill.

Frame Within in a Frame Attempt #2

I always try to get at least two good photos that I can submit to our photography club’s monthly challenge. This weekend was my last chance to make that happen. While I did spend a long time walking around downtown, I didn’t really get as many shots as I wanted. Hopefully these will be quality over quantity.


Photos taken: 37
Photos kept: 6

Abandoned House on Cason Street

Shelby and I went adventuring yesterday looking for some good photo opportunities. I passed a dilapidated house on my way to Pecan Park on Wednesday, so I wanted to check it later. Shelby and I both love abandoned spaces, so we’ll be looking for more. FYI, r/abandoned and r/urbanexploration are both great places to see more stuff like this.

I took 100+ photos yesterday at several different locations, so I’ll be spreading these photos out over a couple of posts. Enjoy


Photos taken: 13
Photos kept: 9