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Sugarcane Festival at Durst-Taylor Museum

Shelby and I took our grandparents downtown this weekend to the annual Sugarcane Festival at the Durst-Taylor Museum.

I got a few good shots with the Lumix GH4 that I’m using right now, but I’m growing more and more unhappy with it. A coworker was there taking photos with his now-dated Canon 60D and the colors were just…better.

Trey was doing another blacksmithing demonstration and our local news station, KTRE, even did a feature on him. We also got to watch them boil a batch of cane syrup. It smelled pretty good, but boy was it hot.


Photos taken: 49
Photos kept: 7

Blacksmithing at Durst-Taylor Museum

A few photos of my friend Trey practicing blacksmithing at the Durst-Taylor Museum during their Lost Arts and Forgotten Skills Fair. A girl named Alexis was very interested in learning so Trey spent a lot of the time showing her around the forge. He’s a very patient teacher. I’ve attached some notes from him on the photos below.

Texas Blueberry Festival

Today was the 29th Annual Texas Blueberry Festival in Nacogdoches, TX. The festival is hosted in and around the historic downtown area. Shelby and I have both grown up in Nacogdoches and it’s interesting to see how the festival changes the town for the weekend. The attendance estimate I saw was 20,000 people, a lot for a town of only 32,000.

All photos were taken on a Lumix GH4 with a Lumix 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6


There’s always lots to do. I really enjoyed watching one of the pie eating contests this year.


I got some video of it too!


I haven’t been to many car shows, so I’m not the best judge, but this one seemed pretty nice. I just wish I had gotten a few more few photos while I was there.


We even ran into one my favorite college professors doing a cooking demonstration on healthy eating and meal planning. (I probably should’ve listened more closely 😉)


Finally, we closed out the day watching some friends perform with their blues band. Good day.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

This weekend, Nate, my mother, my grandfather, and I went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for my grandfather, Papa, 85th birthday. For those who don’t know, the Houston Rodeo is huge! There are fair rides, concerts, cattle shows, auctions, rodeos, food, and any anything else you might associate with Texas. Papa, a native Mid-western, Moved to Texas with my Granna a few years ago to be with our family and let me tell you, he fits in here more than most native Texans. He’s been a rancher and a salesman his whole life. You won’t catch him at a formal event without his cowboy hat and his cowboy boots. We knew he’d love a trip to the Houston rodeo.

When we got there, we watched a donkey and mule riding show. There were jumps, obstacles, and practical ranch skills like towing and walking up to fence slowly enough for the rider to open and close the gate while staying on the donkey/mule. It was such an interesting show and so different from a standard horse show.

We then had lunch: crazy baked potatoes, bad pizza, and funnel cakes.

After lunch, we walked around the rides and the vendors. That when Mom and I decided we would take on a “ride” we’d wanted to do for years: The SlingShot. We handed over all of our belongings to Nate and Papa, who aren’t the biggest thrill-seekers. We waited in line as a ride attendant with a Russian accent flirted with my mom, and made a ton of jokes. I suddenly got nervous as we walked up to the ride. Mom said “I love you” as another attendant starting counting down.


And off we went! It was so fun and so fast we just HAD to buy the video. The ride itself isn’t cheap to start off with and then they really get you when they upsell you the video.


Later that afternoon we went to a herding dog show. Watching those precious Collies herd those sheep all around the course and into the pen was so awesome! We were encouraged to praise and clap for the dogs as the ran the herded. It was a blast. The audience was so engaged in each run. The energy between the dogs, trainers, and the audience was electrifying (for me at least).

I think I’m at my happiest when I am watching a very focused dog do a very good job.

I think I’m at my happiest when I am watching a very focused dog do a very good job.


The main rodeo show that evening was incredible as it always it is. Papa, as much he loved it, couldn’t help from dozing off through the show after the long day we’d had (her and I are very alike in that way). It was such a fun trip for all four of us and I loved getting to spend so much time with my Papa.