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One of our photography challenges this summer was to take some nighttime photos. I took these over a period of months and I think I had some good improvement in my skill.

Sunset Attempt #1

This month’s photography challenge from my photography club is sunsets. I don’t have any particular ideas/inspiration for this challenge, so this will be a little tricky.

Last night I had a few minutes spare minutes during a family outing in Denton and got my first swing at this challenge.


Photos taken: 74
Photos kept: 1

Summertime Challenge: Shelby

Nate and I were discussing potential spots to use for our photography club’s monthly challenge, Summertime. This week, I happen to be dog-sitting at a lovely home in the Central Heights area of Nacogdoches. They have a great pool and their property backs up against a big, undeveloped field. I went to scope it out for Nate, but I decided to take my own photos as well. For once I think I should actually enter the contest. I was pretty surprised that I actually liked a few of the photos!

You can view Nate’s photo here.

Summertime Challenge: Nate

If you listen to our podcast, you may have heard that I recently broke my beloved Tamron 28-75mm. I only have one lens for my Sony a7 II, so while it’s in the…lens hospital, Shelby has been letting me borrow her iPhone Xr. My iPhone 7’s camera is much older and much worse.

I took a few photos near a pool and almost all of them were bad, but I got one keeper that I’ll be submitting to our photography club’s monthly challenge, “Summertime”.

You can view Shelby’s photos here.

Photos taken: 23
Photos kept: 1

Nacogdoches Photographic Association Annual Gallery Show: Colors

Some of you probably know that I’m an active member of the Nacogdoches Photographic Association. I recently had 5 of my photos chosen to exhibit in their gallery show this year. I’m very proud of the photos I entered, but I already feel like I’ve grown since then and I’m ready to take some better ones!

I didn’t place, but I did get an honorable mention, which I’m very proud of. I’m looking forward to next year.

The gallery is being hosted at the SFA Cole Art Center downtown, June 21 — July 20.

Fiction Challenge

Our May challenge in the Nacogdoches Photography Association was to create “fiction” in a photograph. The theme a purposefully a bit broad so we could really go in any direction we wanted.

Olivia, my little little sister, is in Lamp-Lite Theatre’s production of “Talking Pictures”, which is set in the 1930’s. I thought it would be fun to mix the past and present, so I had Olivia dress get in costume and borrowed an old-looking phone from my parents bed & breakfast and I was set.

I didn't like them in black and white or color, so I decided to go with an in-between look. Of course that could just mean they suck. 😜

Frame Within a Frame Attempt #1

This month’s photography challenge is “Frame Within a Frame,” so Shelby and I headed to the Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden near sunset.


They didn’t have as many places as I’d hoped, so we took a few regular portraits too.


And a few other random photos.


Photos taken: 53
Photos kept: 10

Leading Lines Attempt #2

I wasn’t thrilled with my first attempt to get a good photo for our photography club’s monthly challenge. Thankfully, my mother-in-law let me borrow a subject (doggo) to get a few photos on the historic Goodman Bridge, towards the back of Pecan Park.

Princess wasn’t the most cooperative model, but she’s a good girl. I’m happy with the results.


Photos taken: 67
Photos kept: 4

Leading Lines Attempt #1

Shelby and I joined the Nacogdoches Photographic Association last month. Part of the monthly meetings includes a friendly competition based around a certain theme. (e.g. colors, portraits, macro, etc.) This month’s theme is Leading Lines. Here’s my first with the help of my little brother Philip:


I’m not super happy with the results in terms of leading lines, but they good photos overall. We also took some portraits, just for fun. 😜


Photos taken: 125
Photos kept: 10

I Won 2nd Place in the "Capturing Nacogdoches" Photography Contest!

The title pretty much says it all. The contest was hosted by the Nacogdoches CVB. Interestingly, I’m more proud of myself than I would’ve guessed. The $100 cash prize is nice too! ☺️

I look forward to competing next year.

A Feathery Float

A Feathery Float