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Lazy Dogs on a Saturday

Shelby and I are house/dog-sitting for a client during the next few weeks. They have a full-size Dachshund and a very small Maltese. Teenie, the Maltese, is one of the only dogs we’ve seen that’s even smaller than Princess. Both of them are sweet dogs, and they let me take a few photos on a lazy Saturday morning.

Photos taken: 18
Photos kept: 2

My Toothbrush

Shelby and I do a weekly podcast and I always create custom show art. I usually use one of my recent photos, but I already used my fireworks photos, and I haven’t taken more since.

In the episode, we talk about going to the dentist. So, that inspired me to shoot something special, just for the podcast.

P.S. I don’t usually use quite that much toothpaste.