Fiction Challenge

Our May challenge in the Nacogdoches Photography Association was to create “fiction” in a photograph. The theme a purposefully a bit broad so we could really go in any direction we wanted.

Olivia, my little little sister, is in Lamp-Lite Theatre’s production of “Talking Pictures”, which is set in the 1930’s. I thought it would be fun to mix the past and present, so I had Olivia dress get in costume and borrowed an old-looking phone from my parents bed & breakfast and I was set.

I didn't like them in black and white or color, so I decided to go with an in-between look. Of course that could just mean they suck. 😜

Views of Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Shelby and I got to spend a few days at the house of one of her dog-sitting client’s. They live on the northwest corner of the Sam Rayburn Reservoir, near Etoile. I like to tag along when I can since it’s basically a mini-vacation (for free!)

I didn’t have any specific purpose for these photos, but I did submit end up submitting two of them to our photography club’s annual gallery show at the Cole Art Center.

Frame Within in a Frame Attempt #2

I always try to get at least two good photos that I can submit to our photography club’s monthly challenge. This weekend was my last chance to make that happen. While I did spend a long time walking around downtown, I didn’t really get as many shots as I wanted. Hopefully these will be quality over quantity.


Photos taken: 37
Photos kept: 6

Flower Photography Field Trip

Nacogdoches Photography Club Field Trip


The Nacogdoches Photography Club had a workshop/field trip led by one of our members, Ron Thill. The focus for the morning was flower photography. We met at the Gayla Mize Gardens and were there for about 2.5 hours. (there was a lot of talking 😜)

Flower/macro photography is not one of my strengths, but I learned a lot. Frankly, I’m not that happy with any of the photos.


Photos taken: 65
Photos kept: 8

Frame Within a Frame Attempt #1

This month’s photography challenge is “Frame Within a Frame,” so Shelby and I headed to the Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden near sunset.


They didn’t have as many places as I’d hoped, so we took a few regular portraits too.


And a few other random photos.


Photos taken: 53
Photos kept: 10

Churches: Harmonia Baptist Church

Here’s a church Shelby and I found on Saturday. It was lovely on the outside.


However pretty on the outside, but I don’t like the inside.

I can’t think of anything that displays the love of Jesus less than a gate with a warning sign that reads: “TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED”

I’d rather go to a church that says: “Trespassers Welcome!”


Photos taken: 3
Photos kept: 3

Abandoned House on Cason Street

Shelby and I went adventuring yesterday looking for some good photo opportunities. I passed a dilapidated house on my way to Pecan Park on Wednesday, so I wanted to check it later. Shelby and I both love abandoned spaces, so we’ll be looking for more. FYI, r/abandoned and r/urbanexploration are both great places to see more stuff like this.

I took 100+ photos yesterday at several different locations, so I’ll be spreading these photos out over a couple of posts. Enjoy


Photos taken: 13
Photos kept: 9